About Us

At Cueboid we believe that simplicity is the key to a happier, calmer, thoughtful and more productive life. We want to inspire thoughtful lives through the realisation and simplicity of our designs.

Cueboid is a small design practice with big ambitions. Founded by Alex P Turner in Dorset on the UK’s south coast as a vehicle to achieve a dream of changing the world through product and furniture design.

“I studied 3D design at the University of Plymouth in the early 2000s, which cultivated a spark of creativity that has been quietly crackling away in me since childhood. I took a lengthy sabbatical from the design world following the recession in 2008 which has led me to jobs that I’ve done to support my beautiful young family, but they haven’t been jobs that challenged me creatively and I’ve always had the subconscious longing to design. Eventually the penny dropped that I may not ever achieve my creative potential unless I took action. So, I kicked myself up the backside and decided to start designing again. In fact I started all over again by immersing myself in design so much deeper than ever before; reading daily, researching, drawing, getting obsessed with the likes of Rams and Prouvé, getting really into creative podcasts and realising what I had been missing for far too long. So, a little older, much wiser, with several sketch books full of so much potential, I’m so proud and excited to be back in the game with Cueboid.”    – APT

Blending aesthetics with functionalism of products built to last, Cueboid’s plan is to release crowdfunding campaigns for the initial product releases. The success of these campaigns will enable Cueboid to invest in larger furniture projects and drive towards the brand’s creative vision.


Our goal is to help people by simplifying lives through design.

Reducing any “visual noise” through a conscious simplicity of form dictated by function.

Environmental consciousness

Wastage should always be minimised by maximising the use of the raw material.

Recycled/sustainable materials are to be used in both products and packaging wherever possible.


Cueboid has a collaborative work ethic, working with a range of businesses/disciplines/processes from development to the eventual realisation of the final products.

All manufacturing and support is sourced within the UK. All manufacturing sub-contractors are in Dorset, so Cueboid can put back into the local economy to sustain and grow a healthy manufacturing network.

Cueboid’s Supporting Network

A List of creative and manufacturing businesses that support Cueboid:

As Cueboid is constantly improving we would appreciate any feedback to add to our About Us page from your experience with us, please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch.

“I love the Bianca fruit bowl it really is a unique product”

Stuart Clark – Weymouth, Dorset

“Remarkably eye-catching design born out of creativity and the embracing of simplicity. Bianca never fails to provide a talking point with our guests.”

Paul Evans – Barbados