The White Fruit Bowl

Cueboid’s first product “Bianca” is to be launched on Kickstarter in 2022

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Designed in paper – The simplest of inspirations: a white sheet of paper.

Realised in aluminium – 2mm thick folded aluminium sheets. No welds, no bonds, just folds.

Unique asymmetrical design – Bianca is not your standard round fruit bowl, it looks different from every angle.

Simplicity is key – Whichever colour background, with its sleek, straight lines and clean white finish, Bianca will sit unassumingly in any space.

Crisp white colour – Powder coated white to contrast with your fruit and let your fruit take centre stage.

A functional product – Bianca is really good at doing the thing it was designed to do; hold fruit… and it holds a surprisingly large amount.

Recyclable – Built to last for many years but ease your conscience with its environmental credentials. Fully recyclable aluminium and environmentally friendly powder coating.

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